Birthday suggestions

  Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear...   B.B. the Birthday Bear $20.00   comes with a special poem:

This birthday Beanie was made for you
Hope your wishes and dreams come true
Be happy today and tomorrow too
Let's all celebrate the whole year through!

Dahlia Infinity Bowl Gift Set     $89.95

Give a gift that casts a summertime spell with these unique gift sets, available in three sizes. Dahlia Candles float on top of your choice of infinity bowl. Small Infinity Bowl Set includes: 1 Deep Pink Silk Snapdragon and 1 large Purple Dahlia Floating Candle. The medium bowl set includes: 1 Silk Sunflower, 1 Deep Pink Snapdragon and 4 small Floating Dahlia Candles (1 each of hot pink, purple, red and yellow). Large infinity bowl set includes: 2 Sunflowers (1 Gold, 1 Yellow) 2 Snapdragons (1 Yellow, 1 Deep Pink), 1 large Yellow Floating Dahlia Candle and a set of Small Floating Dahlia Candles (1 of each color).

iconiconMoon & Stars Scarf - Blackicon         $9.99 

On a background of soft sheer fabric, glittering, golden crescent moons and glimmering starbursts will brighten up your wardrobe and add a twinkle to your eyes! Drape it over your shoulders, wear it around your waist, or as a sarong over your bathing suit, or use it as a celestial table cover! Available in black, blue or purple! It’s approximately 60” x 20”.

Stress Less Gift Pack

iconiconLavender Aromatherapy Pillar Candles icon         $12.95

The stress-relieving properties of Lavender will bring you calm and balance. Our customers continue to tell us there's nothing quite as special for easing tension and stress than taking time for themselves and burning Lavender Aromatherapy candles.

iconiconTraditional Buddha icon $29.95

This solid brass, bronze-finished figure of the enlightened one invites meditation. His solemn stillness provides a dramatic accent in any setting.

iconicon One Light Gift Seticon $39.95

A totally enriching experience in sight, scent and sound occurs with the offerings in the One Light Gift Basket. The One Light CD, of inspirational music for candlelight, complements the New Beginnings Ritual Candle as it liquefies into the Ceramic Pot.

iconicon Mirror Box icon $59.95

Store your special objects in the drawer of this darkly finished triptych. When you set a candle on the shelf, the mirrors reflect the candle and flame three times over, helping to create a sense of depth even in a small space

iconicon Vanilla Gift Basket icon $39.95

Give this little rustic basket of romance to someone special. A single ivory-colored English Rose for a bud vase by the bed, a Vanilla Scented Pillar Candle, and a solid-footed Yellowstone Holder. A sweet, memorable expression of appreciation.

iconicon Handblown Glass Cylinders icon   $17.95

Whatever you place inside these thick glass cylinders takes on an enchanted quality. Place our Glass Angelfish and in the cylinders to create an underwater "world." Or use the cylinders with any of our other floating candles or related products and create your own scene.

iconicon Points of Light Bowls    $14.95

The unique conical shape of these bowls cradles a floating candle and contains a looking glass world for the display of your choice. Create a seaside scene with sand, and our glass Seashells and Starfish. Or, arrange a spray of summer flowers or a collection of seaglass to remind you of long, lovely walks on the beach. Set includes: 3 bowls, 1 bag of white sand, 3 periwinkle floating candles and 2 bags of glass Seashells.

iconicon Frosted Misty Bowl icon$44.95

Graceful yet substantial, this free form glass bowl is the ideal vessel in which to set sail floating candles. Sitting on an entry table it welcomes guests. Or bring it to the table filled with summer fruit. Available in 9 stunning colors.


iconicon Light for the Soul Gift Set icon$169.95

As Seen on Oprah!

Lighting these aromatic candles could be the beginning of seeing life in new ways. That's why Oprah selected this set as one of her picks for 1999. When you break the seal and open the scroll surrounding each candle you'll find a special ritual there to guide you. As your candle burns down, a gemstone emerges from the wax.

The set includes twelve 2"x 7" candles (Protection, Peace, Love, Happiness, Home, Healing, Abundance, Courage, Thankfulness, New Beginnings, Wisdom and Passion) and a Ceramic Rituals Pot.

Sake Set
Sake Set
$ 48.00

Bring Japanese hospitality into your home with our unique Sake set. Our stylish Sake set is perfect for entertaining guests, compliments any table settings, and also doubles as a bud vase. Sake Set come in a beautiful green branch pattern and is presented in a reusable wooden storage box

Insense Gift Set
Insense Gift Set
$ 15.50

Essential oil based natural fragrant incenses to revitalize your senses and mind. They come in a assortment of five scents: jasmine, sage, cinnamon, forest and campfire. This gift pack contains 6 sticks of incense, 1 sleek glass cube and black sand packaged box.

jadebonsai.bmp (177762 bytes)         We've combined the ancient art of bonsai with the splendor of jade-like glass to bring you this magnificent accent piece. Each leaf and flower has been carefully handcut and applied to the beautifully shaped ceramic trunk to resemble a bonsai in full bloom. Because it is handcrafted, your bonsai will be completely unique! It sits in a traditional celadon green porcelain vase. 16" x 16". Imported  $39.99


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