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Lucy 'I Love Lucy' TV Tin Tote   lucytin.bmp (92454 bytes)

Bring home America's favorite Redhead for your collection! The I Love Lucy TV Tin Tote is a collectible tin in the shape of a TV, and features a picture of Lucy during the hilarious 'Vitameatavegamin' episode! What a funny gift idea!

Lucy Hollywood Beauty Ceramic Bank

lucybank.bmp (94218 bytes)

From the wonderful Lucy collection comes the Lucy Hollywood Beauty Ceramic Bank, immortalizing the glamorous Lucy. A must-have collectible!

Lucy 'I Love Lucy' Shoe Salt & Pepper Shakers    
luctspshakers.bmp (92454 bytes)

I Love Lucy fans go wild over these Salt and Pepper shakers! Decorate your kitchen table with these collectible 'I Love Lucy' Salt and Pepper Shakers, and remember your favorite Lucy episodes! What a great gift idea!

Lucy 'I Love Lucy' TV Lamp

lucylamp.bmp (92454 bytes)

Light up your life remembering your favorite episodes from I Love Lucy! This classic I Love Lucy TV Lamp will look great in your living room! Features a heart-shaped picture of Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred. Lamp base in the shape of a TV!

Lucy 'Chocolate Factory' Cookie Jar      

lucycookie.bmp (92454 bytes)

The memorable 'Chocolate Factory' I Love Lucy episode makes for a great collectible! This brightly colored cookie jar has a picture of Lucy and Ethel on the lid of the jar! What a great gift idea for any Lucy fan!

'Lucy' Barbie - Italian Grape Stomping Movie Scene 'I Love Lucy Show'    

lucygrapes.bmp (92454 bytes)

Remember Lucille Ball's famous grape-stomping episode on 'I Love Lucy' and bring a smile to your face with this collectible 'Lucy' Barbie! She is dressed in a white blouse and purple skirt, with a black belt and shoes, and carries a grape bunch!

Lucy 'Polka Dot' Doll    
lucydot.bmp (92454 bytes)

America's favorite redhead! Lucy from the classic I Love Lucy show is a beautiful 10 in. doll wearing a full-skirted black satin dress with polka dot panel, cuffs, and bow. She carries her white gloves and purse! Rare collectible!

I Love Lucy 'Grape Stomping' Musical Globe 

lucygrapeglobe.bmp (92454 bytes)

From the classic episode comes this unique I Love Lucy 'Grape Stomping' Musical Globe, featuring the rambunctious redhead in a highly detailed basin. Plays the theme from 'I Love Lucy!' A perfect gift idea

Lucy- Pink Lounger PJ's    
lucypjs.bmp (94218 bytes)

'Lucy, I'm home!' Feel at home with these fabulous Lucy Lounger Pink PJ's! These long-sleeved, collared PJ's are just too comfy! These 100% cotton PJ's have your favorite pictures from the I Love Lucy 'Chocolate Factory' episode!

Lucille Ball Picture With Authentic Cancelled Check    
lucydesi.bmp (95462 bytes)

Calling all Lucy fans! This 12 in x18 in black frame, double matted piece featuring a candid black and white photo of Lucy and Desi from the infamous 'Chocolate Factory' episode and a signed cancelled check by Lucy. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

iluvlucy.bmp (58854 bytes)  I Love Lucy : The Classic Moments

meetmertzes.bmp (38694 bytes)     Meet The Mertzes

Meet the Mertzes is a double biography chronicling the lives of two of America's most popular situation comedy supporting performers. This meticulously researched book explores the personal and professional lives of these beloved performers before, during, and after I Love Lucy, and discusses why they held each other in such contempt. It contains a filmography of each star.

  I Love Lucy Doll in Job Switching   Box Size (in inches): 3.0 x 9.0 x 13.5

vance.bmp (37014 bytes)    The Other Side of Ethel Mertz : The Life Story of Vivian Vance by Frank Castelluccio, Alvin Walker

A Book by Desi Arnaz


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