Beanies 2


You can order these beanie babies and buddies by going to this link!

So, the walrus WAS Paul!!  Paul the Walrus Ringo Raccoon, stepped into his room...that's not right!!  Ringo Raccoon
bbpeakaboo.gif (24751 bytes) Peekaboo the Turtle bbpeking.gif (25469 bytes)  Peking the Panda
bbrunner.gif (29349 bytes) Runner the mustelidae
bbsammy.gif (21267 bytes)  Sammy the Bear
bbaurora.gif (50166 bytes) Aurora the Polar Bear bbcashew.gif (43660 bytes) Cashew
bbcheezer.gif (31114 bytes) Cheezer the mouse bbcinders.gif (37683 bytes) Cinders
bbniles.gif (31491 bytes)  Niles the Camel bbrighty.gif (30282 bytes)  Righty
bbsneaky.gif (36002 bytes)  Sneaky bbsniffer.gif (26591 bytes)  Sniffer
bbtrumpet.gif (39883 bytes)  Trumpet bbvelvet.gif (16972 bytes) Velvet
bbally.gif (16977 bytes) Ally bbbaldy.gif (31104 bytes) Baldy
bbbattydye.gif (31121 bytes)    Batty the tie dyed Bat bbblackie.gif (33141 bytes)  Blackie the Bear
bbbllizzard.gif (27109 bytes) Blizzard bbbongo.gif (40027 bytes)  Bongo
bbindia.gif (22308 bytes)  India bb2000sig.gif (46986 bytes)  2000 Signature Bear
bb99sig.gif (35838 bytes)  1999 Signature Bar bbcrunch.gif (28450 bytes) Crunch
Peek a boo! I see you!!!  Eggbert bbchocolate.gif (32308 bytes)   Chocolate
bbflip.gif (36895 bytes)  Flip Say goodnight Gracie.  "Goodnight Gracie." Gracie
bbhoot.gif (48414 bytes)  Hoot bbhope.gif (28471 bytes)  Hope
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