All of these beanies -- and many more can be found here!

Please bookmark this page so you can see our new beanies!! memory of    Ariel memory of... Princess (Buddy also availble)
Wow! Far out man.........    Groovy  Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear...  BB the Birthday Bear
I'm a sweetie when you get to know me!!    Bushy the Lion Sakura   Sakura (ULTRA Rare Japenese Beanie baby)
I love you...     Valentina I love you too...   Valentino
HOHOHO! Happy Yule! y'all! Santa Baby, it's cold outseide! I love Dean Martin!   Snowboy Buddy
bbsnowball.gif (28259 bytes) Snowball the Snowman I'm a real pussycat!   Freckles the Leopard
I'm Irish so I was born lucky!!     Erin (Buddy also available) I bring good fortune to anyone who gives me a good home!    Fortune
BOO! Did I scare you?   Spooky the Ghost bbsheets.gif (41142 bytes)  Sheets the Ghost
I'd like to be...under the sea.. Goochy the Jellyfish bbneon.gif (26149 bytes) Neon the Seahorse
Hi there!! I'm Fuzz the Bear. Please give me a good home!!   Fuzz the Bear bbusa_small.gif (4684 bytes)   USA Bear
I want my BUDDY!!!!  Pumkin' Baby Take me home for Samhain! Don't forget to take my baby too!   Pumkin' Buddy
Let it snow..Let it snow..let it snow!  1999 Holiday Bear Early to bead and early to no fun at all! Early the Bird
HAPPY CHRISTMAS!   Holiday 1998 Happy you!! Holiday 1997
bbemployee.gif (35940 bytes) Employee Bear That's MADAME Butterfly, if you please!   Flitter the Butterfly
bbmillenium.gif (35864 bytes) Millennium the Bear HAPPY Y2K!   TY2K
bbosito.gif (31720 bytes) Osito the Mexican Bear (USA exclusive) bbmystic,gif (27896 bytes) Mystic the Unicorn



Beanie Name